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Since its creation in 1972, the corrida has seen the best athletes in the world shine.

For some, still unknown in Europe, the Corrida was the first step in a brilliant international career.

We have not forgotten Jean Yves le Flohic, the first winner in 1972, nor the late Jacky Boxberger, European champion in the 1500m.

The Moroccan Khalid Skah, Olympic champion in the 10,000m, made his mark by winning the bullfight 8 times!

What about the Ethiopian legend Haile Gebreselassie, the double Olympic champion who won in Houilles in 1994?

Or his compatriot Merima Denboba who won 3 times? Arpin, Mamede, Malinowski, Kipketer...

The greatest tread the tarmac in Houilles...

In 2017, the French-Swiss Julien Wanders broke the French record for the distance, then the European record in 2018.

In 2019, Liv Westphal will set a new French record for the 10 km road race! 

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